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Receive Your Abundant Blessings

Our Divine Download for September 1, 2022 is Blessings of Abundance/Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. Have you noticed that for the past six days it has been our Guardian Angel who has come in to bring us messages and guidance? Our Guardian Angels are trying *desperately* to get out attention right now because they want to work with us. Good things are in store for us, blessings of abundance being among the wonderful things coming in for us, but these things can come to us in a bigger, badder, bolder, better way if we can just get over ourselves and ask our Guardian Angel(s) for some help. Our blessings are practically guaranteed, as a matter of fact, I believe it was a week ago exactly that we had a near identical message about abundance. But they could be so much more meaningful and so much more substantial if we didn't insist on doing it all by ourselves. Sure, a little independence is nice, but we're out here behaving like petulant toddlers insisting that we do it all by ourselves! (Insert dramatic foot stomp). Wouldn't you want to do something the easier way? Don't you want your energies and your efforts to be more effective? Your prayers have been heard and answered and your needs are being provided for, now and in the future. This is your promise. Give your fears and worries to God and the angels, and have faith that they're taking care of you and your loved ones. It's time to let go of worrying about HOW your needs will be met. It simply doesn't matter as you've been promised, guaranteed that they will be. The creative wisdom of the universe will take care of the details. Be open to receiving (hmmmm.... doesn't that sound familiar and recent....) as blessings of abundance are supplied to you in all ways. You deserve to receive Heaven's help and you are loved by the whole of the universe and supported by them as such. Trust that your material needs are known and will be met. Follow your inner guidance when you are prompted to act and know that God will do the rest. And for Pete's sake: ask your Guardian Angel for help and support!

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