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Receive Your Success

Our Divine Download for January 28, 2023 is Secret Spring/Success from The Sacred Forest Oracle Cards. Have you been waiting for a sure sign that your plans will succeed? Have you been waiting for a subtle (or not-so-subtle) sign that your success is ensured? Well, here it is is! You are being practically guaranteed success if your current endeavors right here, right now. BUT, here's the caveat: not all of that success will be immediately visible. Not all of that success will be immediately tangible on the earth plane. MUCH is happening behind the scenes (hence that secret part...) much is going on to support your efforts. But when we work in tandem and in partnership with the universe, we don't always get to see or know what is happening, even when it is happening for our immediate benefit and to ensure our ultimate success. That's where this little thing called faith comes in. When we are made guarantees towards our ultimate success, even when we don't see immediate tangible results of these guarantees, we are being asked to look for the bread crumb type trails that the universe leaves us. The signs, the clues are there. That's a promise, another guarantee. Do you believe that your success is imminent? Can you feel it? See it? Smell it? Taste it? If not, why not? What is blocking you from connecting with something that essentially already is? And that's the thing: time does not work the way our mere mortal minds try to make it work. It's just not that linear. So when we are promised, or guaranteed success, it absolutely already is. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. Prepare yourself to receive. Prepare yourself for your imminent success!

Sometimes we may have blocks in our physical or energetic bodies which delay our success or make it that much more challenging for our successes to take root. An Integrative Reiki Session will remove and balance those blocks to make us as successful as we can possibly be right here and right now. Schedule your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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