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Recognize The Good In You

Our Divine Download for May 26, 2024 is The Red Thread/Good Recognizes Good from The Mary Magdalene Oracle. It's hard to remember what we have never been taught. #facts Ut takes trusting our own intuition , our own heart. It takes learning how to listen to what the soul whispers to us when we can get still enough, free enough from the distracting chaos of our everyday life. It's a mystery to me what allows to to remember the good, and it likely always will be as it doesn't present as a mystery that we are intended to ever solve. It could be a blood or a soul memory, possibly a memory that exists through cellular memory and genetic DNA. Maybe it's encoded somewhere in the soul or in the heart of what it means to be human. Good recognizes good. The red thread is about remembering the Good within ourselves and each other. And the red thread is about recognizing those who are walking with us, to remind us that we are here together, to be the Good. Red threads, as physical symbolic objects are worn on the left wrist, the feminine side of the body, to acknowledge that it's the feminine within each of us that receives spirit from within. The red thread is for those of us who are devoted to returning again and again to the heart, who listen to what the heart knows and then do whatever we can to put that knowing into action. Take some time to meditate about what you know (You KNOW) in this moment that no one has ever taught you. Chances are, it is much more than you think. That is direct evidence of your divine origin and connection.

When we are having difficulty connecting to the good within us, it could be that there is an energetic blockage or some stagnation which can easily be cleared through an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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