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Reconcile Peaceful Relationships

Our Divine Download for December 3, 2021 is Reconciliation from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. Reconciliation is defined as "the restoration of friendly relation" and "the action of making one view or belief compatible with another." Whichever definition calls to you, it's time for a reconciliation in our lives. Perhaps it is time for reconciliations in our lives. So much has happened this year and really in the past couple of years and it has caused so much stress and so much hardship for so very many people. Really, all of us have encountered and experienced hardship in one way or other. For some of us those hardships caused us to have to turn inward in order to protect our sensitive hearts and just survive, and we may have inadvertently pushed people away in that process. Perhaps now is the time to consider reconciling those relationships. The image of the large full moon on this card suggests that this action is a necessary part of the eclipse cycle where we currently find ourselves. With whom do you want to reconcile? With whom do you need to reconcile? Who is wanting or needing to reconcile with you where you may have previously blocked attempts or been unable to be receptive or responsive? As for making one view or belief compatible with another, the truth is that all beliefs and views have always been compatible. We choose to place boundaries and artificial constructs which lead to incompatibility, division, and separation. Somewhere along the lines we as a society have forgotten that we always have the ability and the right to disagree with each other and that those disagreements in views does not have to lead to separation or division. We are being called on by the universe to find ways to remember that we are all one and that agreeing to disagree is always a healthy alternative to unnecessary division because we simply do not agree. Your Angels will help you reconcile the relationships and views within yourself and your life if you will simply ask them to do so.

Our Angels always see all sides of issues within our relationships and understand the passion with which we hold our deepest beliefs. They are always happy to share their gentle loving guidance with us, especially regarding relationships or beliefs which need to be reconciled. Connect with them during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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