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Reconnect With Yourself & Your Oneness

Our Divine Download for August 15, 2023 is Purity from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. At the heart of every being dwells infinite wisdom and love. However, the purity of our wisdom is often clouded and distorted as we grow older. This card is here to remind you that you are in essence a spiritual being and that it is time to reconnect to the infinite peace, love, and wisdom that you hold within you. If you have been struggling to find a sense of fulfillment or purpose in life, remember, that which you seek cannot be found in the material world, it can only be found by looking within. Set aside some time each day for prayer and meditation. Open your heart and you will rediscover the purity of being which has the capacity to transform your life. When newborn babies enter our world, enter this life, they only feel oneness. They do not feel separate to the world, but part of it. This feeling of oneness stems from the fact that at a soul level, all is one. When your soul incarnated into the physical world, you had an awareness of self, but you were also aware that you were part of everything else around you. In the very early stages of life, this feeling of oneness prevails. However as the duality of the physical world takes hold, the feeling of oneness fades and becomes a distant memory that we subconsciously crave for the rest of our lives. It is essentially a yearning to reconnect with the pure essence of our soul. Feed your soul. Acknowledge your oneness. Reconnect to the purity of your very nature.

Stagnant energies can play a part in the feelings of disconnect that we experience in our lives and An Integrative Reiki Session is a wonderful and relaxing way to move those energies out of our field creating space to allow us to plug back into and recognize the spiritual truth of our oneness. Schedule your Inegrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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