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Reflecting Choice

Our Divine Download for July 30, 2021 is Mirror asking Who or What is Triggering You? from the Work Your Light Oracle Cards. When it comes to universal truths, we're mostly all familiar with the idea of "as above, so below," but we sort of skim over the similar "as within, so without" or "as without, so within." But there is SO much truth there, for SO very many reasons. I often see people get the idea of mirroring very wrong, and in doing so, using the misapplied concept of mirroring as a reason to deny self acceptance, or worse yet, using it as justification to dole out self punishment. Mirroring isn't saying this horrible, awful thing or circumstance is happening to be because I am a horrible, awful person. Mirroring isn't even really about what part of myself can I see in this person with whom I am experiencing conflict or who is mistreating me. Rather, mirroring asks us to look at ourselves as parts of the greater whole of humanity and asks us to see the commonalities that exist within us all. It isn't asking us to use those commonalities to accept unacceptable behavior or treatment from others, but rather to helps us all grow past the conflict together. The mirror effect is a reflection of one's self through the gaze of others. Mirroring allows us greater choice and freedom in how we want to be reflected back through the gaze of others. We get to decide, regardless of our current circumstances, any particular situations, or how others are treating us, exactly how we want ourselves to be reflected back. We get to decide how we act, how or even if we do react. We might not be able to control how others see us or how they perceive our words, actions, or intentions, but we can absolutely decide how we want our reflection to look as it is mirrored back to us. And we can change our minds and we can re-decide at any point if we don't like what is being reflected back. Mirrors can be powerful tools, and though we may have heard that mirrors never lie, the filters through which we view our mirror of truth absolutely shift and change all of the time. Even the ways in which we choose to use our mirrors, or how much or how little we value these tools can shift and change from time to time, and that's absolutely okay! We want to take a macrocosmic approach to our relationship with our valuable mirror tools, and not judge ourselves, or anyone else, by every little mircrocosmic reflection.

Sometimes our circumstances can cloud our vision despite our best efforts to see ourselves clearly. When that happens, a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading can be just the ticket for our Angels to help clear our vision and remind us of the truths of who we really are, as they exist both within and without. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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