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Reframe Your Relationship With Challenge

Our Divine Download for August 9, 2023 is Challenge from the Gentle Wisdom of the Faerie Realms with the message "Step carefully and lightly around the thorns. Move forward being aware that you are surrounded by great beauty and that the thorns are actually quite small. Remember: where there is challenge, there is opportunity." Our message here is pretty clear: no matter how big the challenges in our lives appear, they aren't nearly as big as we think them into being and we often ignore the lessons and opportunities contained therein because we are so busy throwing tantrums over the fact that we have to navigate challenges to begin with. When challenges pop up in your life, as they inevitably will, ask yourself if that challenge will even matter days, weeks, months, years from now. (Chances are that not only will it not matter, but that you won't even remember it either.) So if you're not likely to remember it, and it won't even matter mere days from now, (or even weeks or months) that should tell you exactly how much of your precious energy you want to give this particular challenge. If we look at the challenges that arise in our lives through the lens of pragmatism, it can save us a lot of reactionary based energy that we just don't need, or even really want to expend. This message isn't about making the challenges go away, but rather learning how to navigate within their confines. Our guidance to do so is to step carefully and lightly. Which is hard to do if we're spazzing out and flying off the proverbial handle. Look for the silver lining within the challenges in your life. It's there and between that awareness and the accuracy of your newly pragmatic viewpoint, most of your challenges are about to cease to exist. And so it is!

When we have come out of a time period where everything felt challenging for far too long, it can be difficult to shift our focus, and can feel impossible to believe that not every challenge that comes up is a life and death duel. Our Angels will help us navigate the transition back to less challenging times with some gentle reassurance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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