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Relatable Relationships

Our Divine Download for June 22, 2020 is Spiritual Support and Trustworthy Friends from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. This is a lovely message to remind us that our Angels are always with us, and are our partners and our friends, always there to offer us spiritual support. And, one of the beautiful ways that they do that is by bringing together people on the Earth Plane who can absolutely be trusted and also help connect us to and offer us spiritual guidance. This message comes in to us right now in part because with all of the chaos in the energy field of the collective, it is hard to know what we can trust, much less who. There are so many divisive and contradictory messages at play, it's hard to even know if we can trust ourselves sometimes anymore. But your Angels and your guides assure you that you can. You can trust when you connect to your spiritual support team. You can trust through that heartfelt connection to source, you can trust what feels right. When you tune into your spiritual support team and you operate from a place of heart centered connectedness, you cannot help but connect with and attract people who are on the same vibe as you are. These people can absolutely be trusted. These are meant to be deep relationships and friendships that sustain your spiritually as well as emotionally. This time that we're in, this great pause, is in part to evaluate our lives and of course our relationships. We want to evaluate everything through the lens of "does this bring me joy?" Your relationships should feel good to you. Should sustain you. Should allow you to be your authentic self. Should help you grow. Should be relatively balanced in terms of giving and receiving. Relationships that check those boxes are spiritual in nature and trustworthy. Trust that. If you are feeling like there is an absence of those types of relationships in your life, ask your Angels to bring them in for you. And also look at your role in your existing relationships. Start modeling what you want in your relationships and you will receive more of that.

Relationships are full of complex energies and dynamics and often times the energies of the associated dynamics and complexities can be challenging to navigate even in the best of times and the best relationships. Sometimes we take on the energies of others in ways that effect our physical energy centers. If relationships have been an ongoing concern or challenge, let's look at how they've effected your energy centers with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading: Book A Session!

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