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Release & Balance

Our Divine Download for October 1, 2021 is Full Moon in Pisces "Balance spirituality and practicality." from the Moonology Oracle Cards. We are about three weeks out from an actual full moon in Pisces, that was also at the anaretic, or nearly the final degree of it's sign. We are days away from our next new moon. In this space, we are being reminded to really work on finishing up any old "business" and really making sure that we have let go of certain things once and for all. We are *so* close to this next new moon, this potent new beginning. But in order to make space to fully capitalize on this new beginning, there must be a falling away of something, or at least a mindful clearing of space of the old in order to make room for all that is new. Not only was this last full moon at the final degree of Pisces, but Pisces itself is that last sign of the zodiac and symbolically marks endings. We are in a potent position to really check in with ourselves and make sure that we have learned certain lessons and achieved or created certain balances once and for all. With all of the finality of the anaretic degree and the finality of the Pisces energy, lessons and balance will likely stick this time when they may not have in the past. Because Pisces is ruled by Neptune (God of the seas) there can be a head in the clouds dynamic with this energy and the duality of the sign is all about focusing in on achieving balance. We are being called on at this time to pay attention and take some meaningful action steps towards our goals. Bring balance to both your responsibilities and your dreams. Dive deep into your emotions and really check in with yourself to see if there is anything there that is holding you back and keeping you stuck. Meditation is favored during this Piscean energy to bring answers, clarity, and guidance.

Sometimes we need a little bit of extra help or guidance in order to let go of some of the things that may have been holding us back or keeping us stuck. Energetic cord cuttings are all about releasing what has kept us bound, uncomfortable, or stuck so that we can move forward in a wonderfully free new direction. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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