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Release Blocks For An Open Heart

Our Divine Download for February 9, 2022 is First Quart Moon in Libra/Keep Your Heart Open and First Quarter Moon in Scorpio/Release Your Blocks from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards. Is your heart open right now? Really, truly open? What are you allowing to block you? Who or what is taking up space there that is no longer serving you (and probably hasn't been serving you for a while if it ever did)? Are you willing to release those blocks? You don't have to do it all yourself. You just need to be *willing* to release them. Your willingness shifts the energy of your heart space completely. Once you are willing to let go of and release your blocks, the entirety of the universe supports you in doing so and will offer you guidance and help you to release and clear any blocks to your heart. Sometimes when blocks have come from or been created by past experiences with people from our past, we to make a decision: do we want to continue to hold onto the old hurt and pain, even the betrayal, that caused the blocks to begin with, or do we want to lean into trusting ourselves again, or even lean into trusting another? It is important to remember that the other person who we are being guided to open our heart up to and to lean into trusting is NOT the person who previously hurt us. When we hold onto the old hurt and pain that was caused by others and assign the new people in our lives caution, mistrust, or even latent responsibility for having hurt us in this way, it causes them to feel as though we are withholding, or worse, it hurts them. Allow yourself to be open and do not be or become set in your ways. The only thing that you have to fear is fear itself because fear blocks us. Make it a priority to clear any toxic feelings around you. Do not let pride stop you from showing how dearly you want something. It's okay to be vulnerable, especially when you know that the people or person you're dealing with is trustworthy. You will likely find that by trusting yourself, you take back your power, and by leaning into finally trusting another, you open yourself up to more love and greater peace than you have ever previously known.

Regular Reiki sessions are a wonderful way to release physical, mental, and emotional blocks and to keep our hearts balanced and opened. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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