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Release The Energy of Past Persecution

Our Divine Download for September 18, 2021 is Persecution and Inquisition from the Past Life Oracle Cards. Sometimes past life readings and healing hone in on not previous life times, but the past part of our current life time, as is the case with this card. This card is bringing our attention to the times in our own past when we have felt persecuted or faced inquisition because it is only when we bring these memories and the associated pain and trauma to the surface that we are able to bless it and release it so as not to repeat those patterns. Sit with yourself and challenge yourself to bring up times when you were accused, falsely or otherwise, of being or doing something that you are not. See where you feel that pain and that trauma in your body. See if you still hold or carry these energies within your heart. Check in with yourself to see if you altered your past, or even your present behaviors because of these things which have transpired in the past. You know the truth of your own heart. Allow that truth to surface and to be your guiding light and act as a compass to guide you through these dark times. Challenge yourself to shield yourself with permanently protective energetic armor against attacks on your motives and character and all associated sensitivities. You are also divinely protected, and no one on earth can harm you permanently or keep you from pursuing your spiritual path and your life purpose. Bless these past experiences and the people who brought them to you, and release them, thanking them for your newfound awareness.

Past persecution and inquisitions have some icky energies associated with them which can become stuck in your physical body and your auric field. An Integrative Reiki Session will identify, remove, and balance any of these stuck, icky, and sticky energies which may be blocking your forward progress. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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