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Release Your Biggest Block

Our Divine Download for November 24, 2020 is Release Resentments About Money from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. I drew this card and had to sit back with a "Whoooooooooooooooo!" Because this is a big deal. And it's a big deal because we don't usually talk about it, because it's taboo to talk about money and finances. And resentments? Well, hell. We don't talk about those EVER. But here's the thing: while resentments will eat you alive, resentments about money will do so with the speed and efficacy of flesh eating bacteria. For real. When we are in a lack mentality, it will never seem fair when we look through this narrow and inaccurate lens at who has what in Abundance land. We'll never know the stories. We'll never see what price was paid in order to appear Abundant. So we cannot judge and we cannot hold this lack of alleged Universal fairness in resentment. Because it simply doesn't serve us. Nor does it serve us to hold on to that time in the 5th grade when that kid stole our lunch money. Or when our ex kept the couch that we paid for. Or we got screwed over having to pay that ticket in traffic court. Etc. etc. etc. None of that serves us. And the truth is that we would not have more today, we wouldn't be more Abundant today if those circumstances were different. It's not as if we would have invested that stolen 5th grade lunch money and be millionaires at this point in our lives. Not even a little. BUT, you know what has blocked your Abundance? What absolutely has without a doubt kept you from being your most Abundant self? Those resentments about money that you are holding onto. They're poisoning the well of Abundance. They're walling off your Abundance potential before you can even think of building them. Money resentments have big, ugly, powerful energy. That energy isn't serving you. It's time to let those resentments go. It's time to bless them for their associated lessons and release them. It's time to clear that space so that you CAN reach millionaire status or beyond (why limit yourself there?!) Resentments about money can be especially tricky because most of the time, the energy that we hold in resentment was never about the money, but the money became the acceptable place to assign the big feelings we had over the situation that caused the resentment. So money becomes our emotional scapegoat in many, many challenging and difficult situations. Think about that. Really lean into it. Look at those situations where you hold resentments about money and ask yourself what you were really feeling where you assigned money the responsibility of resentment. Whoa. This is big stuff. And it's not easy. But holy moly is this powerful work! Let's do this!!

It's not always super clear to us where we assigned money the responsibility of resentment when we are close to situations. But our Angels see all of our truths and will lovingly help us work through those which are no longer serving us. Allow them to help you with this with a 60 minute Angel Card Reading Session. Book your Session!


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