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Remember Yourself

Our Divine Download for March 24, 2022 is Rhodochrosite/Remember Your Worth from the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Cards. Rhodochrosite asks you to ease up off yourself a bit because we can often (always?) be our own worst critics. We often look for our worth in all the wrong places. Know that who you are as a person is what makes you worthy. Rather than turning to other people or defining yourself by a list of accomplishments, or seeking external validation, find your worth from within. Your life has meaning, so much meaning, and so very much value regardless of any titles, experiences, or skills, or regardless of your fiscal worth or bank balance. You are important because you are you. When you realize your worth, truly know it, your self-esteem will sky-rocket. Know exactly what you deserve, and settle for nothing less. You are here, on this earth plane, at this time to live in joy, not to settle. Do you feel worthy? Do you deserve more out of life? What would it look like if you acknowledged your true value? How do you define worth? How do you define deservingness? What would it look like if starting today, you don't settle for anything less than what you deserve? Will you honor yourself by making that shift? Commit to yourself to never settle again. Affirm: "I am worth it." Because you so totally are!

Our Angels know who we are and see our true worth so very clearly. Often in 60 Minute Angel Card Sessions, they like to remind us exactly who we are and exactly what we deserve. Allow them to connect you with your true worth during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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