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Replace Worry With Peace

Our Divine Download for May 23, 2022 is Eireen/Peace from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards with the message "There is no need to worry, as everything is working out beautifully." Eireen is a Greek goddess whose sisters include the goddesses of lawfullness and justice and she brings peacefulness to all who call upon her. She is also known as Pax is Roman mythology, which literally means peace. She is also known to replace worry with faith and reminds us to retain our childlike awe and enthusiasm for life. Eireen comes to us especially when outward appearances within our lives or certain situations may seem chaotic or even hopeless with our reassurance and reminder that a higher plan is in action and there is always much going on behind the scenes that we cannot see or do not know. The universe is carrying you and supporting you completely. Always. Especially in chaotic and hopeless seeming situations. You are being asked to relax into the care of the divine and allowed yourself to be held and supported in this space, breathing away all cares, concerns and worries. Remember to put your focus into enjoying and appreciating each blessing that you do have in your life because your gratitude will attract even more blessings into your life. Give your cares and worries to heaven however that needs to look for you. Remember to pray (ask) and meditate (make space to receive the answers to your prayers). Stay focused and centered on activities which will raise your vibration and enhance your energy like sea-salt baths, yoga, massage, naps, music, and playful activities - all of those things which balance your energy and allow you to vibrate in a joyful nature. The universe is taking care of this for you and there is no reason not to promote a state of peace in your mind and in your life. They've got you.

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