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Rest & Release Rigidity

Our Divine Download for November 16, 2020 is Release Rigidity/Valerian from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Valerian comes to us to alert us that we've become too rigid in thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. His request to us and his guidance for us is simple: sleep it off and become more flexible and cat like in our approach to essential anything. Our rigidness only armors us against the joys and the peace which we seek. It does not actually protect us from others, but rather, prohibits us from the full enjoyment of all that life has to offer. How does that serve you? What's worse is that when our thinking becomes overly rigid and self-righteous we are engaging in a cycle where we are creating a million corrosive small shames which further degrade our potential for peace and joy. Shame is the feeling that naturally comes up for us when we act in a way that's antithetical to our own personal ideals. While shame is sometimes a necessary part of our learning and growth process, these types of self-inflicted shames resulting from our overly rigid thinking, emotions, and actions, do not serve any real purpose other than to further block us from our divine rite joy and peace. And, they can hugely interfere with our ability to take rest or rest effectively and meaningfully. And that creates one heck of a cycle, because the lack of meaningful rest is also what leads us to tend to be overly rigid in the first place! So see where you can build in rest and relaxation. See where you can soften your edges in your way of thinking. See where you can include some latitude in how you are emotionally reacting and processing. See where you can move with greater fluidity and ease, like a cat. See where you can challenge yourself to be more flexible, and inherently less rigid in all ways. Push yourself to lighten up and loosen up. See where you can begin to shed some of your own self-created armor. Realize and root into the idea that there is greater strength and far greater protection in releasing rigidity than by being held captive in a self-imposed mini shame prison.

Releasing rigidity is often much easier said than done, because we become so stuck and rooted in rigidity - sometimes to the extent of becoming nearly frozen in place. A Back to Basics Session will help you thaw out from that paralyzing rigidity with simple easy action steps. Book your session!

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