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Rest & Restore

Our Divine Download for October 30, 2022 is Four of Bats from The Halloween Tarot. The Four of Bats is the four of swords, four of air, four of winter, or four of Archangel Michael in other tarot interpretations. The Four of Bats is all about rest! You need a break. You need to rest. Focus on prioritizing restful activities whether it just be less intense physical activity than usual, adding naps or breaks to your schedule, planning or taking a vacation or mini-break, and getting as much sleep as you possibly can right now. You're not just tired, you're exhausted. Tired on a soul level. It it imperative for you to rest right now in order to recharge so that you can continue to move forward. The Four of Bats can also speak to the type of rest that you take through your meditation practice, and every time this card (or it's counterpart) comes up during one of my readings I always say "I would be remiss if I didn't ask about your meditation practice..." SO, how's your meditation practice going? If it is not what you want it to be, if it is not as you know that it should be, or if it does not yet exist, then it is time to double down on your commitment to yourself and to living your best life and to prioritize your meditation practice, without the excuses that have passed for justification in the past. If your meditation practice is okay, good, or even great, perhaps it is simply time to add to it or make some tweaks to your current practice. Either way, meditation is one of the greatest forms of rest we can give both our bodies and our minds.

Reiki can be wonderfully restful and relaxing and better yet, you tend to sleep better after an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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