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Reveal The Pain For Your Rebirth

Our Divine Download for September 19, 2022 is Kalarartri from the Kali Oracle Cards. Kalarartri offers you an opportunity to engage in a profound and enduring transformation which will lead to a powerful rebirth, free from even the most persistent patterns of pain from your past. She reveals the truths that must be known to set your heart free. She alerts you that now is a time when your soul is in deep healing. Recovery can be painful, but that pain is temporary and you will emerge renewed and released. The only way out is through, even when it seems that this may be the darkest night of your soul. In time, you will greet your destiny from an entirely new and improved inner foundation. You are blessed to experience a new life within your current lifetime. Your new life is yours for the creating, if you are willing to to endure the darkness and embrace the pain of your past with the necessary honesty. If part of the pain of your past has forced you, or even coerced you to deny your intuition and authentic experiences and expression, Kalarartri breaks through these crazy-making energies and brings you into the truth of what is happening. She brings the relief of truth, even when it is difficult to bear. She breaks open toxic systems and reveals deceptive behaviors. She reminds us that which is not acknowledged can never heal and is doomed to be repeated. We are in a season of pulling the proverbial thorn out of the lion's paw. It hurts, but is the way that leads to healing rather than the hurt that would come from trying to ignore the thorn and being forced to deal with increasingly negative consequences.

What proverbial "thorns" do you have in your chakras that need to be recognized and healed? A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading will help you identify anything within your chakras which is in need of balance or healing. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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