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Review the Real You

Our Divine Download for June 8, 2020 is Remember Who You Are featuring Archangel Michael and Life Review featuring Archangel Jeremiel from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Archangel Michael is encouraging us to remember that we are infinitely powerful through our connection to the Divine. We mask our power and we minimize our power and often times we deny it all together. And when we disconnect from our power in such a profound way, we begin to feel powerless (imagine that) and we become victims of circumstances we've created. Archangel Jeremiel asks you to review your life from the perspective of looking at when and where you have felt truly powerful, truly connected, truly peaceful, truly happy, truly successful. When we think back on our lives, often the stories we tell ourselves are rooted in the trauma that we may have experienced or in our perceived failures. We deny and forget that we are some serious bad asses who didn't just merely survive those past circumstances (which, p.s., never actually defined who we were anyway!), but we thrived. We thrived. YOU THRIVED. When we make this tiny lil tweak to our outlook, our assessment, our remembrance, we make all the difference in what we can expect in our futures. We cultivate what we want. We cultivate more opportunities to thrive. Anything that happened in your past which may not have gone the way you wanted, or you weren't super thrilled with, happened to provide you an opportunity to learn. Those lessons are invaluable and they push us forward in ways that we could never have imagined. Recognize these learning experiences for what they are, forgive yourself for any circumstances which you created leading up to them, and move on. That's how you restore balance and harmony within yourself. And that's how you restore your connection to your inner power. So get a move on! You've got much more thriving to do! Archangels Michael and Jeremiel are here for you to assist you with this process. Call on them and be open to receiving their guidance and support.

Sometimes it can feel impossible to see ourselves accurately when we have long struggled with certain situations and circumstances. When we're too close to assess situations and ourselves accurately, and too overwhelmed to feel connected or supported, a 60 minute Angel card Reading will help remove the obstacles to see ourselves as we truly our and give us specific action steps to move forward in a connected, supported way: Book a Session!


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