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Rise Above It!

Our Divine Download for July 18, 2020 is Rise Above Problems from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. Piggybacking off of yesterday's Divine Download, our fairy friends remind us that when we're in the middle of a problem or situation, the solutions often evade us because we're too close. When we tap into our own power, our connection with the Divine, and embrace our own divinity, we can see our problems or situations from a higher perspective and we may see a new way out. Fear and tension, especially chronic fear and tension over time, can actually create somewhat of a negative obsession. We think about our problems or certain situations constantly and search for solutions, none of which seem forthcoming. Hopelessness then layers on top of fear and tension. Our fairies are asking us to take a step back, even just for a moment, and in doing so, we become more able to better see different and creative solutions. Mentally see yourself giving the problem or situation over to God, your Guides, or you Angels. (And please stop deciding and dictating that some things are just "too big" or "too messed up" for the Divine to be able to do anything! Those are precisely the situations where we SHOULD hand them over and let them go. Let. Them. Go.) Surrender the issue to them. Completely. Sometimes, when the act of letting go or surrender feels completely impossible, try imagine how the fairies or your Angels would solve the problem and look at it from their perspective. This can help buoy your spirit with a sense of faith and hope that can make it easier to surrender. You can also use the Affirmation "My heart, my mind, my life, and everyone in it are perfectly at peace right now." There, now doesn't that feel better?!

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