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Rise Up and Lift Others

Our Divine Download for August 3, 2021 is Pleiades with the message "Double Mission: Channeling and Uplifting Humanity." The messages which we have received the past couple days about releasing our past patterns and the infinite support available to us through our myriad ancestors were alerting us to the fact that the growth that we are going through right now isn't just about us. Sure, of course, our purpose on this planet is to live our best lives and to be walk solidly down the path towards joy, but our true purpose is also bigger than us. When we focus on living our own best lives and healing those ancestral things within our genetic line, we are also healing and uplifting the rest of the world too. We are showing others that this is possible for them as well, that joy is their birth right, that patterns do not have to continue to repeat. Our culture tries so hard to convince us that self care is in fact selfish and that any time we invest in healing or dealing with our past stuff is wasted time and money because there isn't immediate, demonstrative productivity involved. But last time I checked, uplifting humanity seems pretty darn productive! We're not here on this planet at this time by coincidence, there are reasons that we exist right here, right now. We aren't meant to be miserable or half ass it through our lives with a bunch of unresolved stuff weighing us down. But some people truly do not know this, and if they don't know better, they cannot do better. So set our to inspire. Set out to uplift. Set our to demonstrate to others that you are living your best, most whole, most healed life. And be willing to take them by the hand to pull up your fellow man to help them get to where you are, especially when you have been where they are. We're all in this together, so let's recognize the commonalities of our humanity and the human experience.

It's not always easy to uplift others, especially when we may have felt that we did not have others to do the same for us. Healing is never linear, but our Angels are always here to help us and to guide us through whatever our current best action steps may be. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading and allow your Angels to help uplift and inspire you! Book Your Session Here:Book Your Session Today!

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