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Rise Up to The Challenge of New Beginnings

Our Divine Download for December 14, 2020 is Ace of Winter from the Fairy Tarot Cards. In other Tarot Interpretations this card would be the Ace of Air, Swords, and Archangel Michael. But, regardless of what you call this Ace, Aces in Tarot are always about new beginnings. But, the new beginnings being heralded by the Ace of Winter, are not unlike winter itself - sometimes they can be a bit harsh, a bit cold, and a bit challenging. Or, sometimes they can leave you feeling a bit less than shiny or happy about your new beginning or endeavor. And that's okay. Because this ace shows up not to say "No" or even "Not now." This ace shows up to say keep on going. Keep on keeping on. Ignore the challenges. Push past them. Don't personalize them or glorify them. And for Heaven's Sake, do NOT make them signs that you're not supposed to be embarking on your new beginning! The Ace of Air, being an Air Card, is all about cerebral energy and brilliant new ideas. But, these may very well be brilliant new ideas of knowing what, but the devil is in the detail of the how. They may be new ideas that are simply ahead of their time. And that's okay, because it doesn't mean that the rest of the world won't catch up with your inspired brilliance by the time you bring it to fruition. Sometimes, because this is an Air card, this can also mean that the biggest obstacle you may be facing to your brilliant new beginning is that you're just not feeling it. Yet. And that's okay. Our minds don't always align perfectly with out emotions. Sometimes the not feeling it causes us to push forward with our brilliant new ideas until we do feel in lin