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Rock Your Inner Wisdom

Our Divine Download for April 19, 2021 is Wisdom from the Oracle of the Fairies with the message "Have you ever been told that you're wise beyond your years? Now is the time to call upon your inner fairy wisdom to help you with a challenge." Hey, you! Yes, you! You've got this. YOU have got this. Whatever questions you have, or situations that you're facing, or challenges that you're dealing with, you've got this. You've got this because you are stronger and wiser than you give yourself credit for. Truly. We are so used to assigning responsibility for our thoughts, wisdom, feelings, and essentially every facet of our lives to others - we outsource ourselves all over the place. We turn to teachers to teach us, and to assess and assign our wisdom. We turn to physicians and holistic practitioners to take care of our physical well being. We turn to our friends, family, and therapists to validate and justify our emotions. What are we doing?! What about us?! There are too many cooks in our inner kitchen! When we have that many outside influences in positions of authority in our lives, we sort of cut ourselves right out of the picture. We forget, or disconnect from the reality that our own innate, inner knowledge is all that we need most of the time. We shush our inner voice when it isn't in agreement with the voices of those we've placed on pedestals of authority over us. We sometimes take a knee and just stop listening or connecting with our inner selves and our inner knowledge at all. And we lose ourselves and those valuable connections in the process. Our fairy friends today come to us to gently, lovingly remind us that we ARE wise! We are wise about us, if nothing else! Because we know us better than anyone else every could. So that makes us an authority of self. Are you willing to rock that title? Our fairy friends also show us through the imagery and the words on this lovely card, that connecting to fairy wisdom, which is everything that sustains on the Earth plane because fairies are Earth based entities, that we can best support our own inner wisdom. We are meant to be connected beings. Connected to self, and also connected to nature. It is through these mindful and active connections that we can best foster and nurture true wisdom.

As part of the kingdom of nature, flowers work hand in hand with the fairies and will gladly help us remove any blocks to our own inner wisdom. Commune with them during a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book yours today: Book Your Session Here!


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