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Sailing Right Along

Our Divine Download for September 23, 2021 is Ships from the Past Life Oracle Cards. This card piggy backs so perfectly off of yesterday's message to abolish battles in our lives. It's time for us to be more fluid in our approach to all things, and when we choose to lean into greater fluidity, we are in for much smoother sailing through our lives. Our lives are not meant to be challenging, difficult, or tumultuous. We are here, on Earth, right now in order to experience joy and ease. Honestly assess your life and notice in which areas you could set sail for smoother waters. Notice where you desire more smoothness, ease, and better flow. What will you do to achieve that? How can you be more fluid in general in your thinking and in your movements? Do you simply need to be drinking more water? (you'd be surprised how often dehydration is a factor in lack of fluidity!) Do you need to spend time in, on, or near the water? Could you use a sea salt bath to re-balance your emotional and spiritual energy bodies? Do you need to let something go that has been weighing you down and causing you to steer off course? Do you need to extend your metaphorical sails towards the heavens through a meditation or prayer practice? Do you need to ask for help from people on the earth plane or your guides and your Angels? Greater fluidity is the way to be and smooth sailing is what's ahead for us when we do everything we can to simply go with the flow a bit better.

Are stuck or stagnant energies within your physical body weighing you down and causing you to lack fluidity? An Integrative Reiki Session will help balance and remove any heavy energies or those that have had you stuck so that you can get on with the smooth sailing portion of the program. Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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