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Savor The Sweet

Our Divine Download for May 17, 2021 is Sweetness/Guardian Angel from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards. Ah, sweetness. Life is sweet. Really. Truly. It is! It is absolutely meant to be. Sweetness in life, joy in life, abundance in life, these are our birth rights. We exist to be in joy and to embrace the sweetness of life. Why then do we spend so much time denying the sweetness of life? Why the heck are we so darned salty?! Sweetness, or just the idea of someone or something being sweet can actually conjure up some pretty negative connotations and associations for us. In extreme cases, it can even make us bitter. When was the last time that you allowed yourself to experience some sweetness in life? How often do you prioritize sweetness? Are you able to just be sweet? Sweetness and innocence often go hand in hand and we assign baby animals or human babies the task of being sweet. But we can be sweet as adults too! If that thought is challenging to you, it may mean that you are experiencing a sweetness deficit. There are pleasure centers in our brains that are tasked with experiencing and processing sweetness. So, let them do their job! Give yourself permission to go eat something sweet and allow yourself to enjoy it. To truly experience it in all of the richness and layers in which it is meant to be experienced. Sweetness isn't bad, it is necessary. When we deny ourselves the full experience of the sweetness in the foods that we eat, we deny ourselves pleasure, and the full experience of being spiritual beings having a human experience. And what good does that do? Experience the full sweetness of the foods you eat by allowing yourself to be fully present and to eat mindfully. As you are able to connect with the experience of the foods that you eat, you will then be able to connect with the emotional sweetness of people and situations. You will be better able to be sweeter to others, and in doing do, will therefore attract even more sweetness into your life. It's time. It's time to be the sweetness, to experience the sweetness, and to fully experience just how sweet life can be.

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