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Schedule Self-care First

Our Divine Download for February 4, 2021 is Ocean Jasper asking us to "Schedule Yourself In" from the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Deck. This is very much a card of prioritization. This card is not just telling us to put ourselves on the list, but to put ourselves at the very tippy top of it. We've all heard a million times over that we cannot pour from an empty cup and that we have to put on our oxygen masks when the plane starts to go down before we help anyone else. There's always time for me time. Always. But you may have to work to prioritize it. What do you do for yourself? How does it look for you to schedule yourself in? How does it feel to think about making yourself your own first priority? Where do you currently place on your to-do list? (Do you even rank?) How can you make yourself more of a priority? People often fall into feast vs. famine mentality when it comes to the realms of self care. Self care is as unique and different as each and everyone of us are. Schedule a little time each and every day to nurture and take proper care of yourself, however that looks for you. Give yourself permission to take a break, and to treat yourself in some small way. I've heard it said that if your day is so overscheduled that you cannot even schedule five minutes for yourself, then you need to schedule 10. Self-care is necessary and essential in order to be the very best and healthiest version of you. Self-care is not only NOT selfish, but in fact it is one of the most giving things that you do because when you care for yourself properly you are that much more able to better give to others. Ocean Jasper asks you to affirm "I care for myself because I am important." It asks you to make a commitment to schedule time for yourself today. Ocean Jasper also encourages us to listen to our bodies and to go with the flow of what they tell us that we need as we prioritize self-care. When we can better flow with out needs, we can also better flow through our lives.

When we have been out of the habit of true, regular, meaningful self care, it can feel overwhelming to figure out what we need and where and how to best apply self-care in our lives. Partner with your Angels and allow them to shed some light on this self-care subject for you during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Book yours today!

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