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See The Truth Through Loving Animal Eyes

Our Divine Download for December 7, 2021 is Animals from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. This is a sign for us that there is healing available to us facilitated by our friends in the animal kingdom. We are being reminded that we have special relationships and cosmic connections with animals, both those who are here with us on the Earth plane, as well as those beloved furry friends who have crossed over to the inner planes. Pay closer attention at this time to animals who cross your path and open yourself to whatever messages they may have for you now. Are you be called on to deepen your connection and communication to animals at this time? Is there an animal based charity that is near and dear to your heart which could benefit from gifts of your money or your time? Do you have an awareness as to how your animal companions, or particular animals can help you heal right now? Are you open to receiving a message from a cherished deceased animal companion? Animals are usually pure beacons of divine love. They don't care about our political leanings, or our opinions on current events, what we do for a living, or anything of that nature. Rather, they see us, and love us in our spiritual truth. To be seen for the truth of who we really are, at our core, our center, in our purest and most connected truth is a gift that animals give to us over and over and over again. Their subtle message for all of humanity which they share simply through their own existence is to take a step back and choose to see and interact with others in this same way. Are you in touch with your spiritual truth? Can you open to seeing others in their spiritual truths? Starting today, take a page out of the playbook of the entire animal kingdom and challenge yourself to look for oneness and spiritual truth in the world. Shine your heart light on those truths you find and level up the love you give to the world.

Animals tend to have vastly better balanced chakras than humans due in part to their very nature. Tune into and check out the state of your own chakras during a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session Today!

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