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See Through The Smoke & Mirrors Of All Illusions

Our Divine Download for June 10, 2024 is The Illusion/Phantom Shark from The Animal Apothecary. In this car, we see a harpoon searching the sea for a dangerous shark that only appears in your mind's eye. Phantom Shark has a direct message for you today: "You current fear, worry, or insecurity is all an illusion,. You tricked yourself into hunting for a thing that doesn't even exist." By putting too much attention and effort into combating or avoiding what you are afraid of, you are simultaneously engaging and fueling it. Most fears quite literally exist only in our minds. When you feel small, insecure, or controlled by fear, this is not your True Self. This is your programmed self, ruled by the limbic system, ego, past traumas, and the false marketing that always shames us into not feeling good enough. This illusion will tell you that you are not worthy, make you feel scared, keep you with someone who treats your poorly, and make you feel the need to compete with and be better than others. The challenge lies in how powerfully real this illusion appears. It colors every aspect of your reality, like a cloud of thick gray smoke, you can recognize when you are in it. This is the most important part of seeing clearly: you must first understand that you are in an illusion before you can escape it. The more you become cognitively aware of the smoke, the less power it has over you. Right now Shark's medicine for you is to understand that whatever currently brings you fear is not actually the truth. You are safe and everything is going to work itself out. DO not make big decisions when the grey smoke is visiting. Soon you will see clearly.

Meditation can always help us see things with greater clarity and separate truth from illusion. If your meditation practice is something you have been struggling with, schedule a Meditation & Me Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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