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Self Care for the Sensitive

Our Divine Download for July 5, 2020 is Larimar/Sensitive Emotions with the message "Times of heightened emotions and sensitivity call for extra self care and gentleness" from the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards. There's a lot going on right now. Seemingly, there's been a lot going on for a really long time. And it packs a punch and it takes a toll, and none of us are immune to the effects of extenuating circumstances which are completely beyond out control. We've all suffered. We've all experienced loss. And many of us haven't had the luxury of the time to process much, or even any of what we've suffered and what we've lost. Our emotions have taken, and in some cases continue to take a beating. And this card is asking you to recognize that. To allow yourself the grace and the space to rest and process and be gentle with yourself. To not contribute to your emotional detriment by holding yourself in harsh judgement. Cultivating a solid, meaningful self care routine is not a luxury, but a necessity right now. Self care is one of those individualized things that looks different for everyone. Ask your body what it needs right now and allow yourself to meet it's needs. Ask your emotions what they need right now and allow yourself to meet their needs. Ask your spirit what it needs right now and allow yourself to meet it's needs. Make sure that your basic needs are met before you allow yourself to give to others. If you have not had a self care routine in the past, or perhaps yours could use some revising and revamping, this is the gentle, loving encouragement from your Angels to make this a priority. Stat.

Sometimes self care has been on the back burner so long, you may not even know where to start, or what it means anymore (if you ever truly did!). A One-Question Channeled Reading focused on "What Self Care Do I Most Need to Focus On Right Now?" can be just the ticket to help you cultivate this practice and integrate a self care routine. Book a One-Question Channeled Reading Here!


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