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Self-Care to Prepare

Our Divine Download for August 13, 2021 is Creiddylad reminding us of Self-Care from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. After all of our messages about going inward over the course of the past week, it is now time to turn up the dial on our self-care routine. It's time to take care of yourself. Plain and simple. What that means and how that looks is completely up to what you need and what you want at this juncture in time. It's time to fill your own well and tend to your own garden. Creiddylad (who is a Welsh Goddess) is alerting us that out time to bloom is coming very soon. Flowers that have not been tended to and watered cannot bloom, especially not to their full potential. So what does it mean to you to fill your well? What does it meant to you to tend your own garden? When you think about the upcoming time to bloom, does that excite you or does it scare you? Do not put off self-care because you may be fearful of what it means to grow and change and bloom as all that will do is cause the process of growing and blooming to be more challenging and possibly delay the inevitable. The inevitable is good! This is a positive time of growth and change! Will you allow yourself to enjoy it and embrace it as such? Far too often I hear of people, especially women, who don't allow themselves time for self-care because somewhere along the line our society sold us a bill of goods that said that self-care was selfish. We look at it as a waste of time to a luxury that we'll get to possibly, maybe, eventually... BUT, what if self-care brought greater ease and increased productivity into our lives? Do we want to teach our children and future generations that self-care is anything other than 100% necessary and our own individual choice and responsibility? Self-care looks different for every unique individual, so figure out what it needs to look like for you right now and get on with it! Great things are coming and you want to be ready and able to receive them!

When we have been out of the practice of self-care for a long time, or perhaps never allowed or prioritized it in our lives, we might truly not know what that looks like for us right now. A One Question Channeled Reading can allow our guides to help us shine the self-care spot light back on what we need right now. Grab Your One Question Channeled Reading Today: Ask Your Question HERE!


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