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Send Love Stat

Our Divine Download for March 5, 2022 is Send Love from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. Seriously. Really. So much love. We all need love. There has been so much negativity and division and so very many challenges, not to mention so much loss, that we are all sort of operating under a love deficit. During the shelter in place orders there were people who lived alone who were starved of human contact and deprived of any human interaction or affection for the duration of those orders. That doesn't just effect that one person or those specific people. We are all connected and energy is linked and affects all of us. We see it every day in the way that people are now and the way that they interact with us and with each other. So very many people are on edge, stressed out, trying to wade through feelings that they may not necessarily recognize or understand because most of us have not lived through a pandemic during our lifetimes. Love is the answer for all of this. When you see someone who you feel is acting crazy, send love. When someone pisses you off, even though it is easier said then done, send love. When you see something terribly sad, send love. When you witness violence, send love. When you feel as though you cannot do anything about a particular situation, send love. And what about you? How much love are you sending yourself? Because you probably need to send yourself some extra love right now. What does it look like for you to send love? How do you send love to yourself? How do you send love to others? It's time to figure it out. It's time to do it. It's time to send love, well past time, it's always the time to send love. So start sending.

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