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Set Yourself Free

Our Divine Download for June 15, 2020 is Admit the Truth and Act Accordingly from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. The truth shall set you free. We've all heard it, but we usually have this idea that "the truth," whatever it may be, has to be emotional, complicated, painful, deep. Sometimes, the truth that will set you free can be as simple as saying "you know, this really sucks." or "I'm really scared about this." or "man, that pisses me off." Usually, the simpler the truth, the more profound it's liberation. But we've got to admit these truths to ourselves in order to be able to process them, integrate them, and move forward. Oftentimes, we spend copious amounts of time avoiding doing just that. It's as though we secretly believe that if we say aloud, or own the truth "I'm sad right now" that the world will stop spinning and everyone in our lives will simultaneously reject us. Which obviously isn't the case! But we spend so much time in this place of avoidance, we're like emotionally avoidant ninjas! The outer world likes to whip up lots of emotional chaos and confusion and we live in a society that likes to pride itself on telling us how we "should" feel. What does that even mean?! There's never a should to feelings! So sometimes our seeming unwillingness to admit the truths of our feelings simply stems from not taking the time and space to figure out exactly what in the heck it is that we are feeling. It's not always easy with so much outside noise and interference. So, get clear. Figure out what you're feeling. Identify it. Lean into it. Release it by admitting it. Honor it, and move forward from that empowered place of truth, transparency, and honesty. With Archangel Michael walking beside you, there for you whenever you need help in this process or moving forward.

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