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Shape Shift Your Changes Into The Life Of Your Dreams

Our Divine Download for July 22, 2023 is Mitragynia/Shape Shifting from The Herbal Astrology Oracle. Ruled by Saturn (Lord of Time, Karma, and governor of structures and discipline) and Neptune (dreams, creativity, other realms) the balanced side of Mitragynia represents the ability to shapeshift and be adaptable across realities. That doesn't necessarily have to be completely different realities, like completely different planes of existence, but anyone who has set foot even in a grocery store lately realizes that other people's realities are clearly not always reflective of our own and we need to be adaptable in a world where those realities frequently interact and even collide. Mitragynia gives us the power to break through the illlusionary facade that we accept as reality, providing us freedom from pain in order to break through limiting illusions. Which illusions do you need or want to break free from that are most limiting your life right now? Identify them, land on them, and then fly free from them, never to revisit them again. Dragonflies which are also featured on this card help us initiate subconscious healing from the trauma experienced from endless cycles of pain and suffering. Dragonfly medicine invites us to seek out the part of our habits that have gone unchanged, unnoticed, and stagnant. Ask yourself, have I tended to the changes I've been wanting to make? Whoa. What a powerful question! Do not allow yourself to get lost in the maze of self-doubt. It's time to break free from illusive belief systems that hold back your transformation. Boom. And so it is!

Our Angels understand that we are creatures of habit and accept us as such. They will help us to identify what has been holding us back and will offer simple Spiritual Action Steps in order to help launch us forward to allow us to be the change that we want to see in our lives and in our worlds. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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