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Share Your Voice!

Our Divine Download for August 5, 2021 is Share Your Voice from the Work Your Light Oracle Cards with the message "Come out of your cave. Persecution. Expression." I frequently tell my clients to be like Shrek "better out than in!" We hold SO much inside, and we don't give voice to our thoughts. Today is a pretty clear indication that our throat chakras really need us to do just that. We need to express ourselves, out loud, in living color, through our throat chakras, by sharing our voice. Often times any persecution or potential repercussions we may fear in doing so are really just the creations of our own minds and our ego causing our thoughts to run amuck. How have you been denying your self expression through your throat chakra? Which fears do you have surrounding expressing yourself through your throat chakra? Are you comfortable sharing your voice? If not, why not? Have you faced persecution or repercussions from sharing your voice or expressing yourself through your throat chakra? Have you learned the lessons that you were meant to learn from that experience? Have you blessed and released that experience? When we choose not to share our voice with the world, we are not fully expressing who we are. We are withholding, and people tend to sense withholding and withdraw and retract from withholding. To be fully comfortable with all parts of ourselves, we must be willing to share and express ourselves, our full beautiful selves, with the world. What's holding you back? What are you waiting for?!

When we have had negative experiences when we have shared our voice or expressed ourselves through our throat chakra, it can be really challenging and even downright scary to share yourself in this way again. Our Angels are here to guide us and support us in doing so, and will offer specific support and guidance, and probably even some healing during a 60 Minute Angel Care Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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