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Sharing Is Caring

Our Divine Download for November 4, 2021 is Vulnerability from The Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards with the message "Listen to your vulnerable feelings, as they contain wisdom and inspiration, and then pray fro strength to focus on your priorities no matter what." Vulnerability is often misunderstood as a sign of weakness, when in actuality it is a sign of great strength. This card and Archangel Gabriel are reassuring you that it is safe for you to face your vulnerable, tender feelings, and you are being encouraged to view them as inspiration, muses of sorts, for your creative endeavors. Feeling vulnerable doesn't necessarily mean that you actually are vulnerable (an important distinction!), but rather that your feelings are speaking to you and seeking an outlet through your creative projects as creativity is one of the best ways to express and deal with your feelings. You are not alone in your feelings, vulnerable or otherwise. Everything you are feeling is also felt by all others. Part of the message of this card is to heal the feelings of isolation and abandonment which exist among so many people by acknowledging that none of us are alone in our emotional experiences. If we communicated a bit more openly and a lot more honestly about our emotional experiences, we would see that we all have more in common than that which divides us. Challenge yourself to acknowledge your emotional truth today in order to bring comfort and healing and even connection to yourself and others.

When it is challenging to connect with other people, our Angels are always here for us. Our Angels will reassure us that our most tender, most vulnerable feelings are justified and quite normal during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading, and will even give us simple action steps to help us process through those feelings creatively. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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