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Sharing Is Caring

Our Divine Download for February 4, 2024 is Fire Tiger/Share Your Gifts from The Chinese Five Element Oracle. Every single one of us have special gifts and unique talents. However, for various reasons, we often choose to keep those to ourselves and not share them with the world. But why would we do that?! Why would we not celebrate ALL that we are and ALL that we are capable of doing?! Little children are usually SO proud of their accomplishments that they proclaim "Look what I can do!" Why do we stop doing that? Why do we stop celebrating ourselves?! Guess what? It's time to start again! Start praising yourself. Start celebrating yourself. Start giving yourself the love, the praise, the admiration that you haven't gotten (but have always needed) throughout your lifetime). Better still - do so out loud (and no you don't have to do it in earshot of other people.) And start sharing your gifts - ALL of your gifts with the world. If that feels too big, bad, and scary to do out of the gate, maybe start by sharing them with yourself by simply acknowledging them for what they are - the truth of who you are! You ARE gifted #facts  Your gifts are unique and individual to you #facts  Your gifts are meant to be used and shared #facts   So get on with the sharing part of the program already! Celebrate yourself in this way because you honor yourself and the divine each and every time you share your gifts. And the more you share, the more you may receive in the future. Bonus!

Sometimes we have a hard time sharing our gifts because of negative messages that exist within us from having done so before. This isn't always our stuff and can be linked to our families of origin and An Energetic Cord Cutting can help to free us to share more of ourselves more of the time. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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