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Shift Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Our Divine Download for December 2, 2020 is Awakening from the Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards. Wow - yet another major arcana card! That's three in a week! WOW! BIG Shifts are happening! <3 Awakening is all about perspective. More often than not this card calls on ours to make some change to shift our perspective, even just a little bit. There might be things within certain situations that we are not seeing. There might be things that we are missing completely from our current vantage points. There might even be things which we *might* see, if we weren't so darned insistent on looking at them exactly as we always have looked before. Sometimes when certain circumstances arise in our lives, it is to allow us to course correct and shift our perspective and in doing so, this can ultimately lead to changing and bettering our lives for the better. But how often is our perspective so narrow that we cannot or will not see these circumstances for the blessing that they are? Any pause in the action that occurs right now, any bump in the road, is absolutely temporary and not the absolute disaster we might initially feel it is. Part of becoming our most authentic selves is a necessary shift in perspective from time to time, a necessary pause to re-evaluate what we may not be seeing, and what we may not be seeing clearly, or what we may be seeing only through the narrow lens of our preconceptions and past experience. Unexpected changes and unusual solutions are often born out of this type of awakening and in discovering those, we open ourselves up to discovering just a bit more of our true authentic self. There are so few absolutes in life, so few "rights" and "wrongs," especially when we can remove the blinders that our ego likes us to wear as we assess people and situations. Even when two people are looking at and witnessing the exact same thing, their bio-individuality and a host of other processing factors cause them to literally see two different thing. When we can see things from differing perspectives and we learn to be able to see and consider the perspectives of others, it ultimately allows us to see ourselves so much more clearly.

Our Angels are our partners in broadening our perspective. When you are having difficulty seeing beyond your own perspective on a particular situation, it can be liberating and helpful to bring in your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading for their perspective, guidance, and spiritual action steps to help you see things more clearly. Book your session HERE!

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