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Shine A Light On Abundant Potential

Our Divine Download for November 25, 2020 is Moonlighting from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. The Moonlighting card is about shining a light on the possibilities and potential paths towards Abundance that exist in the darkness of undiscovered territories. We became so rigid in our thinking, so absolute, that there is only ONE single solitary way for us to be Abundant, and usually that ONE way is for us to work a 9-5 type day job. Nonsense. Who are we to tell the Universe that there is only one way to do anything? Lack mentality anyone?! The truth is that there are infinite paths to Abundance. How many have you explored? Yeah, that's what I thought. So it's time to get on that, don't you think?! Or like maybe well past time?! There are infinite possibilities and potentials out there and it's time for you to be open minded and curious enough to begin to explore what they might be. Never back yourself into a corner of thinking "this is the only way." Because it's not. It never is. There are very few hard and fast absolutes in our Universe. Sometimes Abundance doesn't flow from what you earn, but what you save. Sometimes in flows from debts being paid off. Sometimes it flows from multiple sources of income. Sometimes it flows from completely unexpected sources. Our human thinking is far too limited in it's linear nature to fully understand just how unlimited the potential sources of Abundance are. But, you can't tap these sources to experience their Abundance if you're not looking for them. So start by simply asking. Put your order in. Put your request out there. Tell the Universe what Abundance you want and need. Ask the Universe to deliver it to you. BUT be open to guidance in the form of signs as to what your next action steps are. Do them. Take the actions. Do the steps. Even if they seem like they are unrelated, even if they don't make sense to you right now. You have to do the foot work. When you stop to smell the flowers, don't just settle for smelling one. Stop to smell ALL of the flowers in that one spot. And if none of them have a scent that appeals to you, move on to smelling ALL of the flowers in the next spot that you are guided. Challenge yourself to be as open as you can possibly be. See just how far you can expand your current thinking and narrow definitions. Push yourself as far as you can outside of your comfort zone. Do it. It's a magical world out there beyond the confines of your self imposed narrowness.

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