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Shine On Like The Best Possible Version Of You

Our Divine Download for November 19, 2022 is Orion Activation/Supernova. Recreation. Renewal. Rebirthed by light. from the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle. All of your fears and setbacks are being stripped from your energy right now. Whoo-hoo! It is essential for your old way of being to fall away and for you to go through a process of renewal in order to move forward. The old stories of your life aren't yours to live out or live up to - you are far greater than those limiting experiences. Thank goodness! The beings of Orion are surrounding you now and they see you as one of them, someone who as been born with the knowledge that they can live with great purpose to make a real difference to the world, whether on a global scale or in a particular corner of the planet. When you draw this card you are being reminded that you have infinite star potential and that there is literally nothing in the entire universe which can limit or contain your own true potential. Orion is one of the best known constellations and to the south of Orion's Belt, there is a nebula that has revealed much about how stars and planetary systems are formed, that is sometimes described as a "star nursery." Find Orion in the night sky or connect with an image of Orion online and say "Great wise ones of Orion, thank you for supporting my recreation and renewal. I am ready to shine like a star." Just make sure you mean it before you say those words and invoke this activation as shine you shall!

What limiting beliefs or negative cords of attachment are keeping you from shining as brightly as a newborn star? Discover them and cut those negative cords of attachment during an Energetic Cord Cutting. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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