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Show Up Your Resistance

Our Divine Download for February 6, 2023 is Gang Gang Sara/Resistance from the African Goddess Rising Oracle. What is for you will not pass you. #facts When you resist what is for you, which is an ego-based reaction, which always stems from fear, you simply delay the inevitable. When you learn to show up for yourself and embrace what is yours, what is meant for you, who you are meant to be, aware that you may stumble, that there may be a learning curve, that you may not nail it perfectly right out of the gate, you stay in the flow of the abundance and the gifts that the universe is trying desperately to bestow upon you. Do not waste time or energy being scared that you are going to mess it all up. Because you can't. You just can't. What is for you will not pass you. Even if it may seem like you're royally screwing it up in the moment. You cannot undo your fate. You cannot cause the universe to decide not to deliver to you because you are by nature an imperfect being (thank goodness!) You ghost your own dreams and resist your own magic. Stop holding back, stop worrying, and stop seeking perfection that will simply never come (because it just doesn't fucking exist!) When it comes to stepping into your greatness, resistance keeps you stuck. Resistance blocks growth, creativity, and evolution. Resistance may look like procrastination, laziness, disorganization, excuses or lack of motivation. But there are far deeper forces at play. You are resisting the force you really are. And how's that working for you?! Your Goddess Declaration is "This is me. I show up." And that's really all you have to do. Just show up and receive.

Your Angels understand the nature of our resistance and just how challenging it is to harness our pesky ego-ic nature and will gladly provide Spiritual Action Steps to help us move beyond our resistance so that we can show

up. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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