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Show Your Strength

Our Divine Download for January 11, 2022 is You Are Stronger Than You Know from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes. Just in case no one has told you this recently: you're a total badass. Yes. You! Not only are you stronger than you know or may believe, but you're also vastly more capable, more connected, and have much, much more unlimited potential than you could ever truly imagine. We may shrug and say "yeah, I know that I've got potential..." but we're talking UNLIMITED potential here! No bounds, no limits, no restrictions. No potential or possibility for failure. Just you, wonderful you, succeeding in your total badass way, supported by your own incredible strength. Do these statements resonate with you? Or, do some of them maybe challenge your beliefs about yourself? Can you get there part of the way, but perhaps not go all in? What would it look like for you to be in a fluid and natural state of acceptance of these facts? Yes, I did say facts! These are universal truths. You couldn't have or wouldn't have gotten through everything that you have up to this point in your life if you weren't stronger than you believe yourself to be. You wouldn't have reaped so much success. You may not have always gotten through things the way that you would have liked to, and goodness knows that it may not have always looked pretty, but you did in fact get through it. Just like you will not only get through any challenges that you are facing now, but you will succeed in doing so to far greater extents than you could ever truly imagine. Because that's what strong, bad asses do! It's as simple as that!

We can become disconnected from our own strength when we take on negative or challenging energies and they settle in our body creating energetic tension or blockages. Bust your inner strength right back out with an Integrative Reiki Session! Book Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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