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Smile and the Whole World Smiles with You

Our Divine Download for July 12, 20202 is Smile/Sunflower from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. I dare you to look at the image on this card and try not to smile! It's nearly impossible. Smiling creates such a lovely energetic ripple effect that is powerful, uplifting and healing, not just for you, but for anyone around you as well. Things have been pretty serious for a while now, and will likely continue to be for a while longer. But, we don't have to stay mired down in the energetic much of the gloom and the doom. We can choose, every single day, to find ONE thing to smile about (hint: there are a lot more than one!) We can choose, every single day to SHARE our beautiful smile with at least one person. Better yet, we can choose to share our smile with each and every person that we come across. Yes, this is possible even while wearing masks because you smile with your whole face and especially with your eyes. Sunflowers bend towards each other to share their energy and their light and love on cloudy days. What a brilliant way to support each other! Can you image how much more everyone would bloom and grow if we all embraced this metaphor by sharing our sunshine, our love and our light, through our smiles? Smiling not only automatically uplifts our moods, but releases endorphins. It can reduce your blood pressure and pain and even increase your endurance. (Google it if you don't believe me!) But more than anything, it FEELS good. It feels better to smile than not to smile. Try it. Challenge yourself to smile a certain number of times today. See how you feel. Challenge yourself to smile at people today, see how you feel and see how they react. It's such a beautiful, simple way of boosting your own energy and truly making the world a better, brighter place. Turn your face towards the sun and emulate those gorgeous sunflowers. Let your inner light shine all over your beautiful face!

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