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Smoother Sailing Ahead

Our Divine Download for July 8, 2021 is Six of Winter from the Fairy Tarot. In alternate tarot interpretations this card would be the six of swords, the six of air, and the six of Archangel Michael. The Six of Winter is a great card! This is your assurance that positive changes are on their way. Given that the Six of Winter is the next card in natural succession to yesterday's Five of Winter, this is also a sign from our guides and our angels that we have and are learning what needed to be learned from the conflict and the sadness that came before (so stop thinking about it already!) The Six of Winter can reference relocation or travel, taking a trip. As such, it is very much a card of passage. This is the type of passage that can only go one way - think onward and upward! You cannot travel backwards when the Six of Winter is at play because you have moved on from the situations of the past. Phew! Because the image on the Six of Winter includes a boat, often times people will assume that you can simply turn the boat around and go back to where you started, or where you've been before. But, the Six of winter references the type of forward movement following your lessons and struggles that is really, only, truly one way. Sort of like rides on the tracks at amusement parks. This is your reassurance that there really, truly is light at the end of the tunnel and that if you are not yet seeing it, you will be soon and it will continue to grow brighter, and brighter, and brighter as you move forward. This is not just simply a pause or a respite, but the Six of Winter card indicates real movement away from the difficulties and challenges that you've faced in the past. You're not just getting a break, you're done with that issue, you're sailing away from those turbulent times and troubled waters. Passage is here for you now, and you're heading towards wonderful things. All that's left to do is to enjoy the ride!

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