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Soar into Self Trust

Our Divine Download for December 4, 2020 is Eagle/Spirit from the Power Animals Oracle with the message "TRUST in your higher self." Trust is how we spread our wings and fly. Trust is how we soar. Trust is how we take flight. Trust also paves the path for freedom. So, why don't you trust? Why can't you trust? Why won't you trust? We have SO very many reasons and some pretty quick answers to all of those questions. Most of the reason that we don't trust is rooted in our past experiences. Those roots literally keep us connected to the ground effectively clipping our wings and preventing us from taking flight. How's that working for you? Whatever has happened before, will not happen again. Unless you actively choose to rinse and repeat. And you won't. Because you can't. You're different now. Trust that. You've grown and you've evolved. You literally turn over all of the cells in your body every seven years, so you are quite literally, quite actually, absolutely not the same person that you were seven years before. You're new and you're different. And this new 2.0 version of you simply won't tolerate the same experiences which made you untrustworthy and leery in the past. You don't have the same lessons to learn, so why would you think that the Universe would present with the same lessons and the same experiences? That's not to say that everything will always be coming up roses or that you don't have new and different experiences which will present themselves as different lessons. But, you can also trust that because you've grown and evolved and are literally comprised of all new cells, that you'll be able to handle these new experiences in a new and different way, in a connected way, with a growth oriented mindset that you've painstakingly cultivated out of the ashes of your past experiences. When you trust in yourself and your trust in your partnership with the Universe it is so very freeing, so truly empowering. You've always been provided for. You've always been taken care of. It may not have always looked the way that you wanted it to look, but you have not starved or died yet. So, if you've made it through all of the challenges, lessons, and adversity that you've faced in your past, what on Earth makes you think that anything that could happen to you now or moving forward would be outside of your wheelhouse?! You've got this. You've always got this. Because you're pretty frickin' incredible! (Just in case no one has told you lately!) So trust that. Really feel into that. Celebrate that. And enjoy the freedom that comes with leaning into that trust and connecting with the flow of the Universe.

Sometimes there are experiences that we've had in our past which we cannot seem to let go of or get over and they do weigh us down, block our ability to trust (especially ourselves), and prevent us from reaching new heights. Energetic Cord Cuttings can address those experiences in a very thorough and lasting way which can really be a game changer. Book your Session!

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