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Soul Mate Growth

Our Divine Download for February 6, 2021 is Soul Mates from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. Soul Mates is a term that elicits growth from many light workers that I know because it's just so misunderstood and so very often misused. All of us have many soul mates. Yup. Truth. Facts. Soul Mates can be any type of relationship, not just romantic partnerships which foster personal growth. This card is putting us on notice that it is time to prioritize these types of soul growth, soul feeding, nurturing relationships within our own life. And if the majority of our relationships of any and all types are not necessarily in that category of deep, comfortable connection focused on spiritual growth, then it is time to partner with our Angels to draw in these types of relationships. If most of our relationships feel in opposition to this type of comfortable connection and soul growth, it might be time to do some re-evaluating as to who we are choosing to surround ourselves and spend time with. We are here to grow and evolve on our paths towards joy and few if any of us are meant to walk those paths alone. Some people will enter our lives in order to take us to the next level of healing, consciousness, and authenticity. Some people will do that by supporting us. Some people will do this by creating friction and challenging us (especially when we may have refused to grown in any other way). Some people will do this by walking beside us and just constantly encouraging us and supporting us to bring out the best in us. But these relationships are always reciprocal (yes, even those adversarial soul mate relationships!) We often experience and instant and strong pull drawing us to our soul mates, but there can also be an initial strong aversion there as well. Soul mates may enter our lives for short periods of time or walk our entire journey with us. They can be with us for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. But, either way, these types of relationships are one of our greatest gifts. And we're about to be gifted in way which we couldn't possibly imagine.

When we lose our soul mates on the Earth Plane and must evolve our relationship to communicate with them in new and different ways, it can feel intensely lonely and intensely challenging. Mediumship Readings can help us connect with out soul mates in meaningful ways that we can carry with us following the session. Book your Session today!


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