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Speak up and Share Your Truth

Our Divine Download for October 30, 2020 is Mary Magdalene/Teacher Awakens with the message "You have something important to share. Follow the inner call. Don't let anything stop you." from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. It's time for you to speak up and give voice to what you know. This can be a bit of a scary prospect, especially in this day and age where judgement isn't just running rampant, but is seemingly on steroids. If you feel as though you are not qualified, realize that's just your ego talking. Do not worry that people may dismiss you or even make fun of you. Mary Magdalene is here to guide and protect you through this process. And let's be real about it, she knows a thing or two about being mocked, ridiculed, and misunderstood. Your vulnerability in this process is actually your greatest strength because you are trusting the process of your soul, which can never be broken. You are being fully back and supported by Heaven at this time, so it is safe for you to share what you know and what you have learned. The world desperately needs people to stand up and speak from a place of authenticity, light, and love. You don't lose anything in this sharing process, but you have everything to gain and it will further cement your life purpose and your soul strength and connection. Think of some of your biggest heroes and strongest idols. Imagine if they had not shared their learning and their knowledge with the world. Where would we be? You may not see yourself in the same light or on the same level as your heroes and idols, but make no mistake about it, what you have to share is just as important and the ripples you create can effect just as much change. Share. Share your love. Share your light. Share your knowledge. It is so very needed right now.

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