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Speak Your Best Life Into Existence

Our Divine Download for November 29, 2021 is Lalla The Saint of Spoken Words with her message "Every word I say becomes a prayer. I am the author of my own story." There is so much power in our words. Our words have he power to shift our reality or to continue to reinforce it. Which will you choose? Every word that you say is an affirmation to the universe. What are you affirming? We are not separate from soul, and soul is not separate from the divine, so we therefore have the power and the ability to co-create our life. Our words are a big part of this! What are the most powerful words that you're using right now? How often are you using them? Do you currently have an awareness about the words that you are using? Lalla issues us an invitation to pay close attention to each word we say to ourselves both to ourselves as well as those that we say about ourselves to the people that we care about. If we want more love, more light, more of that joy and freedom that expands our capacity to be present int he word, Lalla reminds us that we can become the author of our own reality right now. We can literally speak our desire into being and in doing so create a contract with the divine. We are so powerful that when we change the words that we use to describe ourselves we also change the trajectory of our lives. We are being called to focus our attention on each "I am" statement that we say. We can infuse our lives with the sweetness that comes from acting on the truth that we are not separate from the divine.

The energy of negative or inaccurate "I am" statements has the potential to linger and settle within our bodies creating energetic blockages which are in opposition of the truth of who we are. An Integrative Reiki Session can begin to identify some of these energetic blockages balance our throat chakra and our inner vision to allow us to see ourselves more accurately in our divine truth and communicate from this space. Schedule your 60 Minute Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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