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Speak Your New Beginning Into Being

Our Divine Download for November 11, 2023 is First Quarter Moon in Gemini/Speak Your World Into Being. This card marries so beautifully with yesterday's card because we are being alerted that a new beginning is coming in for us, and it is a new beginning that we can custom design for ourselves through our words. In order to bring about this new beginning, we need to speak about what we want, and not what we do not want. We need to speak about what we like, and not what we don't like. We need to speak about our hopes, our dreams, our desires, and how we trust that the universe is working in partnership with us to bring those to us. Our words have more power than we believe them to. Our words have great power. Our words can either be a form of vibrational sound therapy, or they can be the reason that we stay stuck, feel powerless, and that our manifestations are delayed, stalled, or even cancelled. We get to choose which way our lives will go and how things will look for us, all based on the words that we speak. Every sentence that you speak, every sound that you make is either an affirmation, or a detraction from your dreams. Be mindful of how you speak. Be mindful of what you say. Speak openly, lovingly, and passionately about your impending new beginning. Get ready to launch your life into your greatest and best chapter in your greatest and best season. You have all of the power. You get to decide. You get to speak what you want into existence, one way or another. And so it is!

Our throat chakras are often some of our most afflicted energy centers within our bodies, if not because of how we have chosen to speak in the past, because of how we've been spoken to (and often times both). An Integrative Reiki Session will clear and balance our throat chakra to empower us to speak what we want for our new beginning into existence. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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