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Speak Your Truth

Our Divine Download for February 2, 2022 is Communication from the Numerology Guidance Oracle Cards. It is absolutely not a coincidence (not that I believe in this word anyway!) that Mercury stations direct today after three weeks of retrograde motion and we are being reminded of the importance of authentic, honest, courageous communication today. Mercury governs communication, travel, and electronics, and when Mercury is in retrograde motion, it is a good time to go inward a little be (retreat if you will) and plan out your next moves rather than trying to charge full speed ahead and take them. Not that Mercury is direct, and as we pull out of the retrograde shadow over the course of the next several weeks, it is the perfect time to communicate your thoughts and feelings, and is no longer the time to hold back of abstain from speaking your truth. Don't keep things to yourself out of fear of judgement or to avoid conflict because our guidance is that it is very important for us to honestly express ourselves right now. When we express ourselves honestly, we are releasing the energy of what we are expressing from our bodies and promoting a healthy and balanced body and mind. You have something important to say. Find your voice, whether that be through speaking, writing, singing, dance, music, or art, and say that important thing. When you are honest, respectful, and seek to serve the greater good, your message will be received in the best possible light. Honest communication is the key to many doors in your life right now. Affirm: By communicating my truth, I create a healthy, harmonious life.

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