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Stand Strong In Your Inner Knowing

Our Divine Download for July 3, 2021 is The High Priestess from The Fairy Tarot. The High Priestess is another major arcana card, so another nod that we are still enduring this highly transformative time and energy. The High Priestess is ALL about our intuition, and making the space and creating the time to connect with our own innate inner knowing, but also the knowledge and power of the whole universe. The High Priestess challenges us to take the time to reflect prior to making any important decisions, but you'll notice that she doesn't ask us to think about things or weigh out our options. Rather, she asks that we allow ourselves to open to the depth and breadth of our own inner knowledge, and to make any decisions that we need to make right now from that space and not based on what we may think, or even how we may feel. Many times when we are weighing decisions we are just going through the motions because we already know what it is that we need to do, what it is that we're being pushed or feeling driven to do. The High Priestess gently reminds us that knowledge, especially intuitive knowledge, is power. We can most accurately connect with that knowledge, and the biggest source of our true strength and power, through meditation. The High Priestess also whispers to us that cultivating a regular meditation practice is an investment in self care that will pay large dividends into the future. The best, most accurate, most profound, and most powerful insights will usually come us in meditation, or because we clear our minds and energetic space when we regularly practice meditation. The High Priestess reminds us to stand strong rooted in the power of our inner knowledge and intuition. She also reminds us that we can call on these spaces within ourselves whenever we may need them.

It is easy to doubt our intuition and inner knowledge when we live in a world of illusion based on doubt and pessimism. Sometimes we may need some reassurance from our Angels and our guides that what we believe is our intuition actually is, and that it's not our pesky ego whispering in our ears. Our Angels love to bring us this reassurance and so much more during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Yours Today: Book Your Session Here!


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