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Steady As You Go

Our Divine Download for May 15, 2021 is Steady Progress/St. Therese of Lisieux (Little Flower) from the Angels & Saints Oracle Cards. I've heard from SO many people recently who are just so frustrated with themselves, their lives, their perceived lack of progress, essentially everything. We've been steadily growing, while being challenged by a pandemic and some serious once in a life time type astrological transits for well over a year now, and we're tired. We're tired, and we're frustrated, and when it feels like there is no end in sight, it can be easy to feel like giving up or giving in to hopelessness. BUT, despite everything that is going on in both the world and in our worlds, we ARE making progress. We are. We're actually making more progress than we think that we are. We're growing more, achieving more, and in many cases accomplishing things which were not even previously on our radar. But, the world we live in is an interesting place. And despite pandemics and oodles of circumstances beyond our control, there has been no adjustment in the expectations and the standards that we hold ourselves to. And let's be honest here for a minute, those standards and those expectations weren't working for us pre-pandemic. We were chasing our tails to try to fall in line with society's rules and definition of accomplishment. It was nonsense then, and it's simply and utterly ridiculous now. Back to normal was never really meant to mean back to the rat race. Though the pandemic has served numerous purposes, one of the biggest was to give us all the pause and the break we needed, the time and space for necessary introspection to sit with and figure out exactly what wasn't working for us in our lives. If we took that time, and we did our work, we then should not still be trying to fall back into how things were before. Because they weren't working! But what does work is taking ourselves our of any rat race that we find ourselves in. What does work is sitting with ourselves and our families and figuring our how exactly we can be living our best and most meaningful, most purposeful lives. What does work is redefining our sense of what it means to make progress, and continuing to progress in a way that works for and makes sense to us. This isn't a shift that was meant to happen over night. In truth, this isn't even the type of shift that is meant to happen over the course of the past year and change. It's a gradual change that is peppered with new and different choices and subtle shifts. So, if you are feeling like you aren't moving forward, or aren't making progress, it might be time to spend a little bit of time to tune back into and figure out where it is you need to go. Slow and steady wins the race. You've got this.

When we've been such champions at being hard on ourselves in the past, it can feel challenging, if not impossible to allow ourselves the grace and space to progress at a different pace and sometimes we meet these shifts with a seemingly innate pessimism. A Flower Therapy Oracle Card Reading will allow us to be guided and uplifted by the flowers in order to help shift our thinking and our self analysis towards optimism. Book Your Session Here:

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